Knox Urbane Pro Shirt Black/Denim X-Large

Knox Urbane Pro Shirt (X-Large) (Black/Denim): Automotive. Buy Knox Urbane Pro Shirt (X-Large) (Black/Denim): Protective Gear - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Essential Armored Motorcycle Shirt and new, game changing, innovation in protective rider apparel. 。 A lightweight, armored shirt that is CE approved as a standalone "Class A" garment. 。 Designed to be the most versatile, CORE garment for any rider, no matter what motorcycle they ride. 。 Worn close to the body, the armor stays in place and won't move around. 。 Designed to be worn on its own in hot weather with no other jacket required, the Urbane Pro is the ultimate lightweight, breathable, impact and abrasion-resistant shirt. 。 It delivers freedom, comfort and protection on a motorcycle, like never before. In changing weather conditions, add warm or waterproof layers over the top, knowing that the Urbane Pro is still the CORE abrasion and armor layer beneath. The Urban Pro also 。 。 。

Knox Urbane Pro Shirt Black//Denim X-Large