Project Description

Flashback Arrestor 85-20

WITT Flashback Arrestors for reliable protection against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5175-1. 

  • Safety elements: flame arrestor [FA], temperature-sensitive cut-off valve [TV], non-return valve [NV], filter on gas inlet
  • Every arrestor 100% tested
  • 62 X 131/137 mm, 1400-1500 g
  • acetylene max. 45 m³/h
  • fuel gases max. 324 m³/h
  • oxygen max. 333 m³/h

This model is also available in Stainless Steel

Operation / Usage:

  • Flashback Arrestors are used to protect gas cylinders and pipeline outlet points (hoses and any equipment) against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks
  • for pipeline outlets and single cylinders with high users for example supply units for gas cutting machines
  • WITT Flashback Arrestors may be mounted in any position /orientation
  • only one piece of equipment may be connected to a single Flashback Arrestor
  • the maximum ambient/working temperature is 70 °C / 158 °F


  • annual testing of the non-return valve, body leak tightness and flow capacity is recommended
  • WITT is happy to supply special test equipment
  • Flashback Arrestors are only to be serviced by the manufacturer


  • Company certified to ISO 9001 and PED 2014/68/EU module H
  • CE-marked according to PED 2014/68/EU
  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service according to EIGA IGC Doc 13/12/E: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems
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